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Criminal Cases/Restraining Orders/Conservatorships

People v. MM

On remand from Appeal, reduction by 8 years to a sentence making client eligible for parole hearing immediately..

People v. H.A.

Attempted murder charge dismissed at trial to verdict..

People v. ZW

Charges of Assault with Deadly Weapon dismissed after successful completion of mental health diversion

In Re M.P

LPS Conservatorship granted and criminal charges dismissed.

People v. M.G

Negotiated with prosecutors to enroll client in the ODR program wherein he received housing, services and ultimately a standing ovation from the judge and court gallery for his success in the program. .

In Re S.P.

LPS Conservatorship granted and assistance with regaining custody of children

People v. B.L.

Felony arson dismissed

People v. D.K.

Dismissal of two counts of criminal threats, probation granted for felony stalking..

People v. A.H.

Probation for Felony burglary and priors, successful completion of ODR program.

People v. T.C.

Dismissed PC 261.5(d), felony probation granted for remaining felony charges and expungement pending.

In Re D.H

Successful Settlement of civil harassment restraining order out of court with negotiation without need for hearing.


Successful LPS conservatorship and dismissal of battery charges

S v. B

Defended client in DVRO hearing and helped client prosecute an Elder Abuse Restraining Order.

People v. O.D.

Negotiated a deal with prosecutors to reduce client’s misdemeanor charge for prostitution to an infraction.

People v. A.M.

Negotiated a deal with prosecutors to reduce client’s misdemeanor charge for prostitution to an infraction.

In Re S.G

Successfully helped client get all charges dropped and into a mental health treatment program..

People v. A.K.

Client granted probation and ultimately charges were expunged.

People v. M.M.

Charges for Los Angeles Municipal Code violations dismissed

People v. A.M

Felony evading reduced to a misdemeanor. Enrollment in veteran’s diversion program pending..

People v. L.N.

Case successfully rejected by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.

People v. R.S

Charges for driving without a license dismissed

People v. C.B.

Charges successfully rejected by Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. .

People v. V.R.

Defended client re insurance claims after a car accident as well as represented client in correspondence with detectives. Case pending.

U.S. v. A.A.

Compassionate Release motion grante.

People v. C.R

Dismissed charges of felony vandalism..

People v. D.C

Successfully defended client in competency proceedings.

People v. J.A.

Juvenile delinquency defense. Case pending.

People v. F.T.

Petitioned the court to order CONREP to transfer client from Patton State Hospital to a residential treatment program. Case pending..

People v. R.M

Appeal pending before the California Court of Appeal, Fourth District, concerning legality of client’s conviction of carjacking his own vehicle

People v. M.M

Resentencing pending before the superior court of San Diego post remand from the California Court of Appeal, Fourth District.

U.S. v. S.H

Case preparation for federal sentencing for mail and wire fraud..

U.S. v. D.M

Compassionate release motion pending

People v. D.B

Settlement regarding teach accused of unlawful acts. No charges filed during the investigation.

People v. R.L

Successfully defended client in a probation violation hearing related to charges for felony possession and misdemeanor DUI. Client was a registered sex offender and therefore disqualified from entering into a rehab program successfully granted probation and entered into a program for one year..

People v. YC

Defended client in probation violation that was successfully dismissed pursuant to a Kellet motion.

People v. YY

Third strike case where client was facing a life sentence, successfully negotiated a plea deal for 7 years.

People v. P.A.

Mental Health diversion granted for dismissal of felony vandalism, and misdemeanor battery dismissed by Kellet Motion..

Civil Litigation

YAS v. Fed Ex, Corp.

Successful settlement against a major corporation for failing to disclose hidden fees..


Defended client who was scammed into signing a fraudulent lease in order to obtain funds back.


Confidential Settlement for transgender discrimination in favor of Plaintiff

YAS v. Tachless

Successfully obtained default judgment.

AC v. K Builders

Successful confidential settlement for defendant alleged in connection with unlicensed contract work..

SC v. BW

Aggressive Defense and trial preparation in heavily litigated neighbor dispute with quite title claims.

MP v. AS

Successful settlement for Plaintiffs against building for negligence due to mold infestation.

In Re N.P

Successfully defended client against allegation by former domestic partner for conversion of funds and prevented filing of charges during investigation..

HC v. PH

Defense of plaintiffs in a case for damages concerning breach of contract by an independent contractor. Case pending. .

M v. S

Defense of clients in negotiation with wedding venue to cancel wedding event during COVID-19 pandemic.

Recent Case Results

People v. AZ

PC 490.2 and probation violation, charges dismissed and probation reinstated.

CKH v. Sirius

Judgment for $400,000 in favor of Plaintiff.

People v. I.S

VC 2002 (a) charges dismissed insufficient evidence after arguments by counsel.

People v. C. W

PC 273.5 charges dismissed for insufficient evidence after arguments by counsel

People v. D.R

PC 11358 Felony Marijuana Cultivation, 600 lb, all criminal charges dismissed; infraction.

People v. B. S

PC 21310 Felon in Possession of Dirk Dagger, Prior Assault with Deadly Weapon Strike- probation and LPS conservatorship.

People v. T. B

Welfare Inst Code 10980- Felony Welfare Fraud Charges dismissed.

People v. J. N

PC 243 e Domestic Violence charges- dismissed upon completion of program.

People v. R.L

VC 2002 (a) hit and run- all charges dismissed.

People v. D.C

Resentencing of Murder and Armed Robbery conviction for a Juvenille for Life Without Possibility of Parole- writ of habeas corpus.

In re M

Juvenille Attempted Murder  PC 187 – committed to California Youth Authority for 4 years.

People v. R.P

PC 192 (c)(2) Misdemeanor Manslaughter charge dismissed

People v. L.E

PC 487 Grand Theft, Charges Dismissed

People v. I.G

 PC 487 Grand Theft Dismissed, PC 470 Forgery Dismissed

In Re A.T

Civil Harassment Restraining Order against Respondent dismissed

People v. C.C. – PC 647.6 (a)

Certificate of Rehabilitation Granted and Matter Expunged

People v. Y.Y.- PC 647.6 (a)

Facing 25 to Life (20 prior strikes for serious violent felonies), resolved at eve of trial for 5 years.

People v. D. H. – PC 243 (e)

3 open cases and probation violation, charges dismissed and deferred entry of judgment.

People v. M.W. – PC 273 (a)(b)

criminal threat charges dismissed.

People v. A.M.- PC 484 with priors

community service and no jail time.

People v. J.M

VC 23152 (a) DUI with accident – community service, AA classes, and VC 2002 (a) charge dismissed.

People v. M.F

PC 11378 Drugs, PC 530.5 (c) (3) prostitution- reopened case while serving 3 year sentence and resentenced to drug rehabilitation program via writ of coram nobis.

People v. D.H

PC 11352 (a) possession with intent for sale with priors – sentenced to rehab.

People v. A.A

PC 11359 Possession and Sales with Intent to Distribute and prior sales convictions- sentenced to drug rehabilitation.

People v. W.L

HS 11350 Possession- Dismissed by Deferred Entry of Judgment.

People v. A.S

HS 11358, 11359 Cultivation and Sales of 300 lb, extradition, no jail time

People v. A.R

PC 647.6 (a) with priors- dismissed with 3 months time served

People v. E.D

PC 459 Commercial Burglary with priors- 3 months time served

People v. M. S

SERNA motion dismissed bench warrant for VC 14601 Driving with suspended license

People v. V.P

Bench Warrant quashed and case dismissed for VC 14601 Driving with suspended license with priors.

In Re. J.F.

DV Restraining Order- granted with reduced time limitation upon argument by counsel.

People v. M.K

Prop 47 Motion Filed and Granted, Case Dismissed and Expunged.

People v. J.S

PC 240 Charges not filed after argument by counsel at hearing.

USA v. R.L

USC 841 (A)(1) Facing 10 Year Mandatory Min Intent to Distribute Meth- Sentenced to 30 mo per Safety Valve

USA v. S.G.

Enterprise Corruption under RICO and NYPL 460.20 Charges Dismissed

USA v. J.R

 USC 1349 Wire Fraud counts dismissed sentenced to 16 mo.

USA v. I.S.

Reduced Sentence per RDAP

People v. H.F.

PC 422 Criminal Threat and PC 417 (a)(2) charges dismissed, reduction to misdemeanor, no jail time.

People v. M.S.D

PC 11357 Possession with Intent- Charges Dismissed

People v. H.F.

PC 422 Criminal Threat and PC 417 (a)(2) charges dismissed, reduction to misdemeanor, no jail time.

People v. C.T

VC 23152, dismissed, no license suspension, disposition to wet reckless.

People v. L.T

VC 23152 , dismissed, disposition to dry reckless, no license suspension.

People v. G.S

VC 23152 with priors and enhanacement, BAC 0.16, no jail time.

People v. K.G

Bench Warrant Quashed per SERNA motion filed.

In Re K.W

PC 243 (e) DV charges dismissed as insufficient evidence per argument by counsel at hearing.

Disclaimer: The prospective client may not obtain the same or similar results. Results vary on a case by case basis.

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Disclaimer: The prospective client may not obtain the same or similar results. Results vary on a case by case basis.