Practice Area
​​Experienced attorneys such as those at Walk Free Law have many talents.  They are empathetic during intake, methodical to discover evidence from both sides, they have strong negotiating skills, and they use motions to communicate their views and requests to the court.   Some of the motions are pre-trial, such as motions In Limine, others are for discovery, and some motions are made during trial.  Some of the motions that our firm is often successful with are the following:  Wilder/Williams motion; 1583.5 motions to suppress; Serna and Doggett’s motions to dismiss; 995 Motion to Dismiss, California Three Strikes Law and Romero motions; Pre-Trial 402 motions; Mower Motion For Medical Cannibas; Pitchess Motion; and Trombetta-Youngblood Motion.